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AMA Dance Theatre, LLC.  search for a diversity of dance styles, techniques, experiences and disciplines. Dance is not one kind of technique or style. Dance is an artistic expression of human rhythms and emotion to enrich ourselves and the communities.  


Our mission is to give the opportunity for talented youth dancers to perform and learn as professionals being part of an independent company, having the training and coaching necessary to build their curriculum and starts a successful career. 
We give all the support inside and outside of the studios. During our private lessons the dancers will be prepared technically and emotionally for stage experience participating in important dance competitions, pre-injury and health counseling classes.

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"Ama",  portuguese for "love", is also the initials of a beloved family member who inspires Felipe each day to never give up a dream to enrich our life and those around us.


Felipe is such an inspiring teacher and one of the best I’ve ever had. With his guidance, I have grown as a dancer in many ways and surpassed some of my personal goals. Felipe’s love of dance is contagious, he motivates all of his students to be they can be. He makes me want to a better dancer and I always leave his class with a smile on my face knowing that I was pushed and I have grown in technique and presentation just in that one class.
- Barnes, Mackenzie (CCSU, Dance Education Student)
In a period of my career when I was feeling uncertain about my beliefs as a dancer, he trusted me more than I trusted myself and guided me to pursue big dreams through paths that I never imagined that existed, which fortunately are now ones I work on. I’m honestly grateful to him because he was very important to my career.
- Bertho, Caroline (Brazilian Professional Dancer)